Our Nationwide Customer

 We have two main mission for you.
  1. Product Transportation service.
  2. Work as your representative service.

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 Product Transportation service.

We ship your products out from Bangkok, THAILAND to every country,


Your representative, taking care of your parcel, sending to everywhere around the world. Full service, air, sea, and packing, any consult for exporting. To be your assistant when you are not in Bangkok.
Convenience, just call, we will be right there to help you, and solve any problem as a partner.
Service, we understand the value of the service business.
Satisfaction, long time experience in the service business.
We know what you want!

Representative Service.

As your representative,

You will save time, save money, no need to fly to Bangkok, THAILAND.

  • Making purchase
  • Work out all export documents
  • Pick up goods
  • Choose appropriate channel to send your products
  • Packing
  • Time and all management for you to get the job done

When you will transfer money to us?

  • Same time when you transfer money to your supplier
  • Or, transfer directly to us, which we can arrange the money to your supplier when your supplier sends goods to us or when we pick up goods

Call 01-457-7000 (Chatuchak Market section 7)
      02-267-4788-9 (Main office)
When you think of oversea products shipping.