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Door to Door shipment

Air Freight/Sea Freight Shipment

Packing service with our standard-Size box
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Door to Door Shipment
  • We help you handle your packing problem, working for you within your sight. That means we work under your control.
  • Choose the optimum box-size for your product This will help you reduce the cost.
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  • You can also use any box of your own.

Price policy - You will be charged by weight, Actual weight or dimentional weight depends on which one is higher.

Air Freight / Sea Freight Shipment
  • Packing List is requested together with product invoice.
  • Charged 1,200 Baht per cubic metre for wooden packing.
  • Charged 100 Baht per carton box  Packing service with our standard-Size box
  • 5 of our standard box fit for one cubic Metre
  • Charged by size when you send your shipment by boat
  • Charged by weight (KG) when you send your shipment by Air Freight

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